Nylon Bristle Pastry Brush


  • Nylon bristle resist absorption, resulting in better food application
  • ABS plastic handle is dishwasher safe
  • Unique hanging slot design, keep bristles elevated off the work surface
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1,440 pieces
  • Place of Origin: Taiwan
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Nylon Bristle Pastry Brush

Pastry brush is a cooking utensil used to spread butter, oil or glaze on food. Traditional pastry brushes are made with natural bristles or a plastic or nylon fiber similar to a paint brush, while modern kitchen brushes may have silicone bristles. In baking breads and pastries, a bakery brush is used to spread a glaze or egg wash on the crust or surface of the food. In roasting meats, a pastry brush may be used to sop up juices or drippings from under pan and spread them on the surface of the meat to crisp the skin.

This brush is made with soft, flagged nylon bristles that are epoxy-set into the ferrules to prevent bacteria growth. The bristles are white, durable and have a high fluid retaining capacity.

Just a quick brush of a butter glaze before baking will cause many pastries to bake with that golden-brown, flaky crust that customers crave. To produce perfectly-glazed pastries, we would like to recommend these nylon bristle bakery brush series for you.

 Code  Description
 NPB-15P  1-1/2″ wide flat brush
 NPB-20P  2″ wide flat brush
 NPB-30P  3″ wide flat brush
 NPB-40P  4″ wide flat brush
 NPB-25P  1″ diameter round brush
 NPB-20S  2″ wide flat brush, with hook
 NPB-30S .  3″ wide flat brush, with hook .

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ABS plastic

Brush Type

wide flat, round

Handle Type

regular, with hanging slot


1200 pieces

Payment Terms

L/C, Paypal, T/T




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