12″ x 14″ Blade Wooden Handle Pizza Paddle


  • Tapered aluminum blade could slide under pizzas for easy loading & unloading it into stone oven
  • Reinforced wooden handle is long-lasting and safer use. Long enough to keep your hands from getting heat
  • 12″ x 14″ square blade, accept logo stamping
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 360 pieces
  • Place of Origin: Taiwan
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12″ x 14″ Blade Wooden Handle Pizza Paddle

Pizza paddle is a tool which could be used to placing pizzas in the oven, rotating pizzas during cooking and retrieving pizzas from the oven.

Some describe this nifty tool as a giant spatula. People will place dough upon it and prepare pizzas. The pizza shovels are big and flat, could use to place pizzas in the oven without spilling any of the ingredients off the top of your pizza. Further more, pizza peels’s long handle could provide you have no risk of burning your hands.

Pizza peels could be made of different materials. Wooden peels looks beautiful and elegant, our wooden pizza shovel is light weight, thinner edge make it easy for turning. Otherwise, the aluminum will be better choice.

Aluminum is the most common material of choice for pizza peels. Metal peels are thin, making them easy to move your pizzas into, around, and out of the oven or grill. It is easy to clean, and require very little maintenance.

We provide lots of size pizza peel for your reference. Before inquiry, please make sure it is the very size you are looking for. Or you may transfer to the product page for more information.

 Code  Description
 PPA-2612 .  Blade 12″ x 14″, 26″ overall length .
 PPA-3512  Blade 12″ x 14″, 35″ overall length
 PPA-5212  Blade 12″ x 14″, 52″ overall length
 PPA-6412  Blade 12″ x 14″, 64″ overall length

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Wooden (reinforced)

Blade Shape


Blade Size

12" x 14"


26", 35", 52", 64"


360 pieces

Payment Terms

L/C, Paypal, T/T




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