Stainless Steel Hand Press Potato Ricer


  • Stainless steel with bowl securely welded to frame
  • Ideal for making mashed potatoes, tomato sauce and fruit purees
  • Angled design maximizes leverage
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 360 pieces
  • Place of Origin: Taiwan
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Stainless Steel Hand Press Potato Ricer

This tool is commonly used to mash potatoes. Pressing cooked vegetables and fruits through the small holes produces a puree comparable to using a drum sieve. Many foods can now be pureed more easily in a food processor; however, a manual method such as ricing is best for potatoes, which are starchy and become glutinous when over-processed.

A ricer can be used to remove excess water from foods such as cooked greens that are to be added to quiche, and sliced or grated potatoes to improve the quality of potato chips or hash browns made from them.

Potato ricers are used to make Mont Blanc, a dessert of chestnut puree. They can be used to make lefse (a Norwegian flatbread) and spätzle (German noodles), as well as homemade passatelli (a type of Italian pasta). The tool may also be used to process ice cream when making the German dish spaghettieis.

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 SPR-17 .  17″ long, stainless steel with bowl securely welded to frame .

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Stainless Steel


360 pieces


17" long

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